Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is St. Joseph's Mission. It's a very old church on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation, about 10 miles from Lewiston. Here is a little about the church:

"Father Joseph Cataldo began working among the Nez Perces in 1867 and built this church in 1874. Chief Slickpoo, a Catholic Nez Perce, gave the land. Lewiston friends, some Nez Perces, some Coeur d"Alenes, and even some Chinese miners gave money for the church."

This was on a sign in front of the church. I took pictures of the sign but only this half came up. Not sure what happened to the other side, lol!

Enjoy the pictures! I am sorry that some of the pictures are just a little slanted, I must have been kinda slanted myself, LMAO! Posted by Picasa

St. Joseph's Mission Posted by Picasa

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Statue at mission Posted by Picasa

Stained glass windows in the mission Posted by Picasa

St. Joseph's Mission Posted by Picasa

Statue at St. Joseph's Mission Posted by Picasa

St. Joseph's Mission, Idaho Posted by Picasa

Look at this little guy, isn't he just adorable ?!!! I saw this guy along the road and just had to take his picture. His face is just the cutest and sweetest little thing!! Posted by Picasa