Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Long Time

WOW! I hadn't realized that it had been so long since I have posted any pictures! A lot has been going on including having had shoulder surgery. I will put a link here to my myspace where I have been posting some of the latest photos that I have taken. Here is the link -

under my picture you will see where it says "pics" just click on there and it will take you to them!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I know it's been several months since I have posted pictures. I'm sorry. We have been really busy with Kyle's basketball and wrestling and doing some remodel on the house. We are nearing completion on all of the aformentioned projects, games and matches.

I do have more pictures on the other computer and some out on my laptop. I really need to get them all on this computer. Maybe someday soon I will have the time to do that too. LOL!

For now here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Before and After pictures. I have a new program that is just awesome! Have a zit? Click it's gone. Have one eye open more than the other? Click....they are open evenly. Smile uneven? LOL you guessed and it's even......Well, ok, more than just a click but you get the idea!

baby photo shoot

I love the pose for this photo. We are going to reshoot this one and add more of the moms face and reposition the baby's head. mom was just changing positions when I snapped this one so it wasn't a planned one, lol!

Baby Photo shoot

These photos are uncropped and untouched with a paint program.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Lindsy's Senior Portraits

These are just a few of the photos that I took of Lindsy. These are just a couple of my favorites. She's such a beautiful girl, I love taking pictures of her. Those of you that know me will know that that is my car she is laying on in the picture. LOL Her mom and I carefully placed her up on the hood. Lindsy also happens to be my bestfriends daughter.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The young ladies in the following pictures Kayla and Nikki. These ladies are the daughters of my husband's best friend. Kayla lived with us this summer, she leaves at the end of October for Navy bootcamp. Nikki is a senior in high school. We were out doing nikki's senior pictures and decided to get some nice ones of the two together.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

OK the following pictures are just a few that I took while on vacation on the Oregon Coast.

On the final night of our vacation we headed for Seattle, stayed at my brothers house and went to the Mariners baseball game. I have some pictures from the game to share, but, I need to edit them so that you don't have to look at them all sideways.

Hope you enjoy!

OK I am kind of doing these pictures backwards, lol!

Sunset at Seaside, Oregon

Beginning of the sunset at Seaside, Oregon. June 18th.

We bought our son a nice kite to fly on the beach. He had a blast! He wanted to do nothing but fly it and do tricks on the beach.

Depoe Bay, Oregon. If anyone goes down the Oregon Coast they need to stop in Depoe Bay or Newport and have some clam chowder at "The Chowder Bowl". The BEST clam chowder we have ever eaten!!!!!

This star fish is just cool. It looks fake to me but it was alive. This picture was taken through the glass.

A cool picture of a Jelly Fish

This a Puffin. My all time favorite bird. Isn't he just adorable?

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport Oregon

Isn't this just the cutest lil guy? He kept rubbing up against the glass wanting to be rubbed. Two little girls were rubbing on this side of the glass and this lil guy was rolling around acting like he could feel it, LMAO!

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, Oregon

Took this sunset picture from the balcony of our room. This was our first night, June 15th.

The view from our hotel room in Lincoln City, Oregon

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I was sent an IM telling me to update my blog, lol! Thank you for reminding me Ruth!!!

I am so sorry! I know I promised pictures from the Oregon Coast last month. I will still do that, I promise. All of the pictures are on my laptop and not on this computer.

Very soon, maybe even later tonight I will load a few up. I took some awesome sunset pictures at the beach!!

I am now in the middle of doing senior pictures and will soon have some of those to load also!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Missing in action

OK, I know I have been missing in action for a couple of months. But I will be back on June 23 with some new and awesome pictures from the Oregon Coast and the Seattle Mariners baseball game!!!!